I. class Hungarian hot paprika


Our hot paprika, which belongs to the first class quality classification, contains 100% Hungarian paprika, which is why it has also received the delicacy „csemege” label.

We recommend it for flavouring spicy Hungarian dishes, vegetables, soups, stews and other spicy dishes. Due to its high quality, it is excellent for the homemade preparation of spice mixes for meat, because due to its intense colour, it gives the food a beautiful colour when frying meat, vegetables, and fish.

Tip: Be careful with this spice because it is really hot. Add 1-2 teaspoons at a time in small amounts to the food. If you want to add it to the food because of its colour, then mix it with sweet paprika so that the food is not too strong for your taste.

weight: 100 g

Do you know, that…

The paprika classes are regulated by the Hungarian Food Codex, which, among other things, regulates the colour and composition of paprika. In the case of first-class quality, it primarily means a beautiful, bright red colour. Only paprika with 100% Hungarian origin can be labelled „csemege”.

How to use

Add to the food according to your taste, preferably at the beginning of the cooking time. Be careful because it burns easily.

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