About us

  • Cooking and eating is much more than simply satisfying our hunger. At Lacikonyha, we believe that shared meals keep the family together, this is when the most sincere conversations take place and this is where friendly gatherings begin and often end. All of our products have been created so that our customers can eat something delicious and enjoyable every day.


  • We value nature as well, which is why we look for natural and high-quality raw materials in our work. In our opinion, the secret of good food lies primarily not in flavorings, clever recipes or creative ideas, but in high-quality ingredients.




  • Our company was founded in 2010 and is one of the key players in the Hungarian spice market. The most important brands of our company are: Lacikonyha, İzmester, İzmester BIO and İzmester Gastroline. With our products, we serve both consumers and the HORECA industry.


  • We sell universal seasonings, spices, spice mixes, marinades, soups, mustards, bouillons, paprika, as well as special vegetable products. In our offer, you can find products with flavours known all over Europe and popular ones, as well as the usual spices of Hungarian cuisine.


  • In 2017, our company became a member of the Polish Prymat Group, which has a history of more than 30 years, and is one of the largest spice producers in Central and Eastern Europe and the leading producer of vegetable products in the region. Based on their production capacity and extensive experience, we work with the best raw material suppliers to guarantee the quality of our products to our customers.




  • The Prymat Group is one of the leading spice manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe, which, in addition to its rich range of spices and seasonings, also produces various vegetable-based products. The company group has extensive expertise in the field of dry and wet production processes and vegetable processing. In addition to its wide range of products for the retail sector, the Prymat Group also serves the HoReCa sector.


  • Our Research, Quality and Development Department creates solutions that meet the requirements and needs of consumers and comply with mandatory standards. Our products are competitive in their composition and quality. We work according to EN ISO 22000 and IFS standards.



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